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The Cavalier Hotel and Its Ghosts in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia   

On April 4-9, 1927, a grand ceremonious opening for The Cavalier was held. The grand style of hostelry had returned to Virginia Beach. Ben Bernie Band played for the festivities, and received congratulation telegrams from Sophie Tucker and Al Jolson. Around the same time, the Norfolk & Western Railroad new gasoline powered train named "The Cavalier" took its maiden voyage down its run from Cleveland to Norfolk. Its motto was, "The Cavalier to The Cavalier". More mid-Westerners flocked to Virginia Beach in June when a Norfolk & Western Pullman coach began nonstop travel from Chicago to The Cavalier's private depot.

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Cavalier's armada of limousines would also pick up guests from the steamship lines and railroad stations and bring them to the hotel. During the Prohibition, these same limos were used in the evening to take guests for a little discreet gambling and drinking at the sedate clubs nearby, The Links, the Dunes, and the Gables. On ground, The Cavalier's Hunt Room served as a private men's club for hunters. Guests' hunting dogs could be kept on the hotel grounds, and fish and game caught by guests would be taken to the kitchen to be prepared for dinner. After dinner, the men could join the ladies for a dance in the ballroom.
The Cavalier Hotel LobbyThe Cavalier Hotel in the Roaring 20s

The Cavalier and its Ghosts
The Cavalier was once the haunt of the movers and shakers of society, hosting such guests as Adolph Coors (of the famous brewery), author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and actors and actresses including Judy Garland, Will Rogers, Bette Davis, Betty Grable, Mary Pickford, Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow. For three decades the Cavalier hired a wide variety of big-name bands. Performers included such greats as Tomy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Glen Miller, Lawrence Welk and Bing Crosby. Now guests report that the piano in the ballroom sometimes plays by itself—maybe wishing for the raucous music of the Twenties.

During the Roaring Twenties, the Cavalier skirted Prohibition by driving well-to-do guests on discreet trips to the local speakeasies. This evading of the law was not enough to keep brewery owner Adolph Coors from a mysterious fall that ended his death on June 5, 1929. Whether suicide because the brewery was forced to make cement and pottery rather than beer during Prohibition, or murder (as some feel Coors was pushed through a closed window on the hotel’s 6th floor), people have reported sensing someone still lingering and cold spots appearing randomly throughout the 6th floor. Many have even reported the sickening sound of flesh slapping concrete—could it be that Adolph Coors relives his tragic plunge on a regular basis?(Thanks to
The Cavalier Hotel main lobbyThe Cavalier Hotel room on the 6th floor

The Cavalier Today
The Cavalier of today consists of two hotels: the original Cavalier on the Hill and the Cavalier Oceanfront, for a total of 400 guest rooms. The Cavalier features four fine restaurants: The Pocahontas Dining Room, The Sand Dollar, The Breezeway Cafe, and The Hunt Room Grille. The resort contains a 1,500 square foot health club, numerous sport facilities, and two Olympic-size pools to name a few of the amenities. Its history continues today, tying in the
old with the new.

Throughout its fascinating history, the Cavalier has maintained the highest standards of excellence. Seven United States Presidents have laid their heads on our pillows and eaten at our tables. Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon all enjoyed the luxury, the tradition, and the view that only the Cavalier can provide. We now invite you to experience that same excellence.


The Cavalier Hotel
4201 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: 1-800-446-8199




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