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Spruce Mountain Lookout Tower - Wyoming  

Spruce Mountain Lookout Tower - Wyoming           

Live a little bit of history and enjoy an incredible view in southeastern Wyoming with an overnight stay at the Spruce Mountain Fire Lookout Tower. Formerly used to detect fires, the live-in tower rises 55 feet above a forested mountaintop in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests. The tower was renovated and opened to the public for overnight rental in 1997. The tower is at an elevation of 10,003 feet and visitors should be prepared for high altitude conditions. Summertime temperatures average 70 degrees but can drop as low as 30 degrees at night or during thunderstorms.




The Spruce Mountain Fire Lookout Tower may be rented from mid-June to October 1st, weather permitting. There is maximum reservation of 2 consecutive nights, no more than 10 nights per calendar year, and no more than 3 weekends per calendar year. A rental fee of $40.00 per night is charged for use of the tower. Additional camping is allowed on the site, with a total of 10 occupants at the site. Saddle and pack stock are allowed at the site but must be kept 500 feet from the tower’s base. Maid Service is not provided, please clean the cabin before leaving. 


The tower is located seven miles west of Albany, Wyoming on Forest Road #500, a well-graveled road accessible by two-wheel-drive vehicles. Hiking and scenic driving opportunities abound nearby. The scenic Snowy Range is an hour's drive away via State Highway 11 and State Highway 130. 
Propane refrigerator and propane stove with small oven
Propane heater and propane lamps
Two single beds
Four chairs and table
Hoist (pulley and rope)
Broom and dustpan
Manual for operating lights and stove
Pit toilet on the ground
Historic fire finder

There is no water at the tower! Please bring adequate water for drinking, cooking, and washing.
Bedding or sleeping bags, sleeping pads or cots 
Food, cooking and eating utensils
Paper towels, trash bags, matches
Warm clothing and rain gear
Toilet articles and tissue
First aid equipment, flashlight
Camera, binoculars
Insect spray/repellent, sunscreen

Since the cab and deck are 55 feet above the ground, visitors to the cab do so at their own risk.
Groups occupying the tower overnight are restricted to a maximum of four persons, including at least one adult over 21. 
Children under 8 years old and pets are not allowed on the tower.
Smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs, fireworks, and firearms are not permitted in or around the tower.
Climbing the tower structure outside of the enclosed stairs is forbidden.
Nothing is to be thrown from the tower deck.
Sleeping on the deck, sitting on the railing, horseplay, and unruly behavior are prohibited.
Use handrail when using the stairs.
During lightning storms, stay in the cab and do not touch metal furnishings. 
For security reasons, the platform hatch at the top of the stairs should be locked to prevent entry from the stairway

Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests
The Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests extend from north central Colorado to central Wyoming. The Forests encompass portions of many mountain ranges including the Gore Range, Flat Tops, Parks Range, Medicine Bow Mountains, Sierra Madre, and Laramie Range. The Forests provide year-round recreation opportunities for thousands of people. They also provide wildlife habitat, timber, forage for livestock, and are a vital source of water for irrigation, domestic use, and industry.

There are 10 designated Wilderness Areas on the Forest, approximately 1360 developed sites, 2 ski areas (the Steamboat Springs Ski Area has worldwide acclaim), 162 recreational homes with Forest Service permits, and eight mountain lakes with developed boating facilities. On the combined Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests, downhill skiing and general winter sports are the most popular activities, followed by mechanized travel (including driving, OHV, boating, and bicycling), camping and developed site uses, hunting, and then fishing.

The Thunder Basin National Grassland is located in northeastern Wyoming in the Powder River Basin between the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills. The Grassland provides unique opportunities for recreation, including hiking, sightseeing, hunting, and fishing. There are no developed campgrounds; however, camping is allowed. Land patterns are very complex because of the intermingled federal, state, and private lands. The Douglas Ranger District administers the Grassland.

Reservations and Information
Price: $40 per night  
Phone: (877) 444-6777



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