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Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel - California

Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel
The rugged California coast is a dramatic and breathtaking setting, and the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel offers a relaxing retreat for travelers of any age. Enjoy a unique vacation experience at a spectacular lighthouse location, perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just 25 miles south of San Francisco. Originally established in 1875 as a fog signal station after several ships ran ashore in the late 1860s, this historic lighthouse is still an operating aid-to-navigation maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. The hostel has been in operation since 1980 through a partnership with California State Parks.


Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel


The coastside location of the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel offers convenient access to several beaches for swimming, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, and horseback riding. The hostel is also the perfect base for exploring the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Pillar Point Harbor and Marsh, Mount Montara, and the quaint coastal town of Half Moon Bay.

Reserve your stay at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel today, and treat yourself--and your budget--to the peaceful, restorative beauty of this unique Pacific Coast destination.

Point Montara Lighthouse was established in February 1875. It originally had a kerosene lantern, but was upgraded in 1912 to a fourth order Fresnel lens. The current tower was first erected in 1881 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts as the Mayo Beach Lighthouse. In 1925, the cast iron tower from the discontinued Mayo Beach Light was disassembled and moved to Yerba Buena. It was moved and rebuilt as the Point Montara Light station in 1928, where it stands today. The lens was transferred to the San Mateo Historical Society when the lighthouse was automated in 1970, and is currently on display at the library at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California. In 2001 the lighthouse, specifically the hostel, was used in the film Bandits starring Bruce Willis, Cate Blanchett and Billy Bob Thornton. 
Halloween and the Local Ghost

This Californian hostel holds an annual Haunted Hostel Halloween, which attracts local families and hostel guests for holiday crafts and games, spooky snacks and giant handmade monsters. Although this event brings more smiles than screams, there is some haunted lore surrounding this beautiful coastal community. One mile south of the hostel, The Blue Lady was murdered during the Prohibition era for having an affair. She still makes appearances in a bloodstained blue dress as she stands on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There have also been scattered  sightings by guests on the lighthouse grounds but The Blue Lady usually steals the show all around this community.


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