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Top 10 Haunted Bed and Breakfasts in the United States

Haunted Inns and Bed & Breakfasts in the United States


Thornewood Castle
Lakewood, Washington 

"Chester Thorne was the builder of Thornewood Castle, and he has made appearances to several people over the years. Some guests have seen Anna, Chester's wife, sitting in the window seat of her room overlooking the garden."
    A 400 year old  Elizabethan manor in England was purchased by Mr. Thorne and dismantled and shipped brick by brick from England to be included in the building of Thornewood. The famous architect, Kirkland Cutter, was in charge of this most interesting Tudor Gothic project. The crystal windows were made in England. Stained glass panels and chard’s are inset in the window and date 1300 to 1750. You should be looking through them when the snow is falling, magnificent! The staircase as well as the doors were hand hewn from ancient English oak and are held together by wood dowels. Be sure and read the description page for insight into the man who built and the history of this wonderful home. Located on American Lake in Lakewood, WA., Thornewood is only a short drive from Seattle or Tacoma and will make any vacation/trip complete. For those in the Northwest, "a trip to England" is only a short drive from home and only requires a reservation.

Casa de la Paz Bed and Breakfast 
St. Augustine, Florida

The spirit in residence is that of a young lady. She had come to the home many years ago on her honeymoon as a guest of the Pullers. On their last day in St. Augustine, the young husband decided to take a boat out for a day of fishing. He told his bride to go ahead and pack and wait for him at the house because he did not know exactly when he would return.

    A terrible storm came up that day, capsizing his boat, and he never returned to her. She was so upset that she stayed in St. Augustine and grieved herself to death. Her spirit has never left the house, awaiting his return.


The Notchland Inn 
Hart's Location, New Hampshire

This inn has several ghost stories, including one that involves disappearing flowers. A better one tells about encounters with spirits. One couple took a nap in mid-afternoon, and when they awoke the name 'Abigail' was written in the steam on the mirror in their bathroom. But no one had taken a shower or bath in that room for several hours!"

The Inn at Merridun 
Union, South Carolina

"We have 10 spirits, energy forces, or ghosts that share Merridun with us. We have a history of unusual happenings and occasional sightings, and our cat talks to 'someone' fairly frequently."


Inn on Main Street 
Weaverville, North Carolina
The house was built 100 years ago by a doctor. There's a blood stain under the tiles in a bathroom that was once part of his operating room and lab. It wouldn't sand out. At least one person has died in the house before it was turned into a inn. One religious couple who stayed in the inn  prayed for an answer on whether evil lingered in the home. The answer came to them in a shared vision: Nothing but good energy fills this house. Guests are invited to share that good energy and try to connect with souls who have passed on.


The Red Garter Bed & Bakery
Williams, AZ
When Holst opened the bed & breakfast in 1994, some guests remarked that they felt an "aberrant pressure".  Or heard footsteps up and down the stairs.  Or has recurring dreams of a certain woman with long dark hair wearing a floor-length gown.  Even though Holst still finds this supernatural side of his bed & breakfast a curiosity, he does admit to a peculiar sound he ambiguously attributes to a ghost named Eve. 

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