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Girard Ridge Lookout near Mount Shasta - California

Girard Ridge Lookout  near Mount Shasta - California        

The Mt. Shasta and McCloud Ranger Stations invite you to share an exciting recreation experience on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The Girard Ridge Lookout is now being offered as an overnight retreat for personal recreation use. The lookout is equipped with two cots, shovel, bucket, dish pan, cleaning supplies and a fire extinguisher. There is a picnic table and sanitary facilities for your use. You need to bring your own water, light source (flashlight or lantern), and camping cook stove.
                    Time Lapse Photos from Girard Ridge Lookout


History of Girard Ridge Lookout
The Girard Ridge Lookout was constructed in 1931 and used by the Forest Service on a regular basis until 1981. It is one of the few remaining historic lookouts on the Shasta -Trinity National Forest and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

The structure at Girard Ridge is reportedly the oldest lookout of its particular design remaining in California and was particularly significant for its role as an experimental station for testing the findings of the 1930 Region 5 fire detection study. The lookout was restored close to its original condition in 1997.


Access to the Girard Ridge Lookout
You can reach Girard Ridge Lookout by traveling south from Mt. Shasta on Interstate 5 to the Soda Creek exit, or north from Redding to the same exit. Head east off the River. Turn right on Riverside (a narrow, paved road) to road 38N23 (sign says Girard Ridge). Turn up hill and follow this road which is steep in spots and eventually turns to dirt for 3.8 miles until you reach an intersection. Take the left turn up the hill (the road is still 38N23) and you will pass microwave towers. Continue past until the intersection with road 39N13. Turn left onto 39N13 and travel approximately 6/10th of a mile to an unmarked road. Turn left and travel approximately 4/10th of a mile to the locked gate at the end of the road and the lookout. Depending on your mode of travel, the trip from the Soda Creek exit can take at least one hour. Before you leave home, notify a responsible person of your planned stay and your time of return. If you are overdue, this person should notify the Forest Service or the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department.

If you are prepared, the trip to Girard Ridge Lookout will be very enjoyable and rewarding. The views from this ridge top are breathtaking and well worth your efforts. Enjoy your visit with us!

The lookout is available for rent seasonally on a permit basis. Permits are issued on a “first come-first served” basis to anyone 18 years or older. The permit lists the conditions the visitor must agree to. The rental fee is $75 per night for a party of 4 or less people. Rental fees are used to maintain the lookout. The combination to the gate and the lookout can be obtained at the McCloud Ranger Station. NO REFUNDS.

For information about obtaining the permit or to obtain a full color brochure that illustrates all of the rental opportunities on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, contact the McCloud Ranger Station, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM, (530) 964-2184 or send a self addressed stamped envelope to: McCloud Ranger Station, P.O. Box 1620, McCloud, CA 96057.
Reservations can be made at or call 1-877-444-6777.




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