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Frank Lloyd Wright's Duncan House in Polymath Park Resort

Frank Lloyd Wright's Duncan House in Polymath Park in Pennsylvania                  

Polymath Park is a 125-acre resort 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. This resort is near the village of Acme in Westmoreland County and is surrounded by private forest in the Allegheny Mountains and features three architectural landmarks: Frank Lloyd Wright's  Duncan House and two others by Peter Berndtson, who was one of the original Wright apprentices.

The park is 15 miles from Wright's Fallingwater and 30 miles from Kentuck Knob. Duncan House is the only Wright house in the area that accommodates overnight visitors.


The Duncan House
The Duncan House at Polymath Park Resort was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and was built in 1957. The Duncan House was originally located in Lisle, Illinois, and was dismantled and moved to its current location at Polymath Park.

The Progress Fund, the State of Pennsylvania, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy were jointly responsible for moving the Duncan House. These three entities, along with Polymath Park, developed a plan to move and reconstruct the Duncan House on the property in Acme. The concept of Polymath Park was the vision of Peter Berndtson, Wright's apprentice.
Frank Lloyd Wright Duncan House in the WinterInside Frank Lloyd Wright Duncan House

The Duncan House is located near two other homes in Polymath Park that were designed by Berndtson in the Usonian-style for which Frank Lloyd Wright is known. The two homes designed by Berndtson are called the Balter House and the Blum House. It took many months to relocate the Duncan House to Polymath Park and reconstruct it, but it is recognized as a particularly magnificent example of the Usonian designs used by Wright. It can be argued that the Duncan House stands as the culmination of Wright's architectural career.

The Duncan House can be toured and is also available for lodging. Tours of the Duncan House are by reservation only. Reservations can be made by calling 877-833-7829. When lodging at the Duncan House, guests reserve the entire house, not simply a room.  The rental fee covers lodging for up to three people. For each additional person beyond the initial three, there is an additio. There is a minimum stay of two nights. Rental rates are subject to change at any time, and holiday rates are often higher.

The Duncan House is L-shaped and has bedroom and carport wings. Both wings meet near a large fireplace, with the living room located on one side and the dining area and kitchen located on the other side. One of the notable design elements included in the Duncan House is the horizontal decorative battens that run the length of the home's facade.

Accommodations at the Duncan House include three bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms have queen beds. The third bedroom comes with a set of twin beds. The Duncan House offers guests the following amenities: a well-equipped kitchen, an open living room area, a large stone fireplace, a concrete terrace, wireless internet access, hairdryers, and basic toiletries. Towels and linens are provided. Guests also receive a welcome basket that includes wine, coffee, tea, and snacks. Additional information about the Duncan House, Polymath Park, lodging packages, or the other houses available for rent can be obtained by calling 877-833-7829.

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