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Fire Lookout Rentals in the Western United States

Fire Lookout available for rent in the United States

LookoutSpruceMountain.jpg (144◊144)

144JerseyJimFireLookout.jpg (144◊144)

144Lookout.jpg (144◊144)

144QuartzMount.jpg (144◊144)

Lookoutsm1.jpg (144◊144)

 Spruce Mountain Lookout

Jersey Jim Fire Lookout Tower

 Werner Peak

Quartz Mountain
Fire Lookout Washington

 Evergreen Lookout  Washington



GoldButte144.jpg (144◊144)

LookoutBigButtSm.jpg (144◊144)

LOGreenRidgeSM.jpg (144◊144)

LOlake.jpg (144◊144)

Clear Lake

Gold Butte

 Bald Butte

Green Ridge Lookout

Lake of the Woods Lookout
Rogue River, OR



    Cool Fire Lookouts that are Cabins or Places You Can Visit

Washington's Fire Lookout Towers and Guard Station Rentals  
California's Fire Lookout Towers and Guard Station Rentals
Montana's Fire Lookout Towers and Guard Station Rentals 

Hidden Lake Lookout near North Cascades National Park - Washington

In order to get to Hidden Lake Lookout, you may have to hike though steep snowfields and may require an ice axe well into July. Enjoy views encompassing southern North Cascades National Park and the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The lookout was built in 1931 and stands at an elevation of 6,850 feet. It is open to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis for overnight use. Water is available by melting snow. When snowpack is gone visitors will need to bring water. Website

Spruce Mountain Lookout - Wyoming

Formerly used to detect fires, the live-in tower rises 55 feet above a forested mountaintop in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests. The tower was renovated and opened to the public for overnight rental in 1997. The tower is at an elevation of 10,003 feet. Summertime temperatures average 70 degrees but can drop as low as 30 degrees at night. Website 

Gold Butte Lookout - Oregon
The historic Gold Butte Lookout is located five miles northeast of the Detroit Ranger Station on the Willamette National Forest. The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the hip roof, L-4 ground structure with catwalk in 1934. Eight years later the Forest Service constructed a cabin in the saddle north of the lookout station where it was staffed year round as part of the aircraft warning system. Website 

Bald Butte Lookout, Oregon
Through the windows of this 14 x 14 foot building Forest Service personnel watched over Gearhart Mountain, Sycan Marsh, Yamsay Mountain, Lee Thomas Meadow, Slide Mountain, the upper Chewaucan River drainage, and all the forested country in between. Year after year this stout little building sat perched atop the windy summit of Bald Butte.  Website


Evergreen Lookout, Washington
This lookout cabin was built in 1935 for detecting wildfires. Evergreen Mountain Lookout is nestled on the ridge of the 5587 foot Evergreen Mountain, offers expansive views of Glacier Peak, Mt. Daniels, Columbia Glacier, Keyes Peak, and Henry M. Jackson wilderness. Enjoy this perfect remote getaway with binoculars and camera in hand. Website


Five Mile Butte, Oregon
This l
ookout is located in Mount Hood National Forrest. Ponderosa pines, Douglas-fir and western hemlock provide a dense canopy over the mountainside, shading numerous creeks and providing a lush and varied habitat. Be sure to have binoculars on hand and watch for golden eagles, wild turkeys and grouse. Other wildlife, such as elk, deer, coyote, cougars,and bears. Website



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