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The Haunted Borland House Bed and Breakfast - New York

The Borland House Bed & Breakfast in Montgomery, New York  

The Borland House Bed & Breakfast is located in the middle of a historic Village in Montgomery, NY. This gracious Greek Revival home will entice you to escape from your daily routine. The Innkeepers desire is to offer our guests the very best of what they have enjoyed about bed & breakfasts over the years. So come, kick off your shoes, share a glass of wine, relax in one of our cozy reading nooks, browse in our antique shop, and sleep on Egyptian cotton before waking up to a sumptuous breakfast. But, beware, some of our guest have never checked out.

The Borland House Bed & Breakfast in Montgomery, New York

A special feature of the Borland House is Blue Shutter Antiques. The shop is located in the original kitchen of this home, built in the 1790's, and features the original hearth and beehive oven. The shop is a "must see". A specialty of Blue Shutter Antiques is European enamelware which Carol and Bill have purchased on their frequent buying trips to France. Your hosts buy what they love and offer these items at reasonable prices. In fact, many of the pieces you will enjoy during your stay at the Borland House are also for sale. Just think, you could arrive to spend the night and leave with the bed!

Room rates include a full three-course breakfast. Carol and Bill, your hosts, will provide a late afternoon treat on the porch, in the garden, or in the dining room. If you are lucky, Carol will bring out a fresh batch of her Black and White Cookies. You are welcome to help yourself to our extensive selection of paperbacks and sink into a big wing chair in one of our public rooms. In fact, feel free to take the book with you when you check out.
The Borland House Bed & Breakfast  Borden Bedroom

Ghost Investigator: Back to the Light
Borland House is proud to be a featured chapter in Linda Zimmermann's most recently published book, "Ghost Investigator: Back to the Light". Step back in time into a world of secrecy, intrigue, and above all, discretion!

The author writes, "it is always the mystery of a haunting that I find most tantalizing, and the Borland House offers a myriad of tantalizing mysteries on every floor and in every room."

"I'm very glad that Carol and Bill are now the owners of this place. They have carefully and beautifully restored and decorated their home in a manner which must please all the former residents as well as delight any future guests, and they view all of the fascinating history and personalities involved with their home with the utmost respect."

The author urges readers to "spend a night at the Borland House". She goes on to say, "Be without fear, as there is nothing harmful here, and go there with a sense of wonder and eagerness of getting a chance to experience something unique". In conclusion, "This was definitely one of the more exciting and satisfying cases for me. In some ways it was an opportunity to step into another time. Take that time for yourselves, to experience and appreciate a place where Jane Austin would have been right at home."
130 Clinton Street
Montgomery, N.Y. 12549
Phone: (845) 457-1513
Hosts: Carol & Bill Freeman

©2017 All Rights Reserved.

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