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Odd and Unusual Hostels from all over the World

Odd and Unusual Hostels from all over the world
Deepdale Backpackers Hostel, Yurts and Tipis in Norfolk, England

Escape the beaten track and the smog of the big city to this wonderfully chilled out at Deepdale Backpackers Hostel in the heart of Burnham Deepdale on the North Norfolk Coast. This beautiful village is by the sea in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’*. Open All Year, for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter accommodation. The North Norfolk Coast is a backpackers paradise offering watersports and outdoor activities of every sort, beautiful beaches and historical buildings, so you can be as active as you want. Of course you might just like to chill out and relax in our award winning backpackers hostel or try one of our superb local pubs serving local beers and excellent seafood!  It doesn't have to be this way with the new genre in luxury, comfortable camping and campsites. You may feel like you are cheating a little but you're there for a holiday, to get way from it all. There are many new types of posh camping holidays and our Deepdale Yurts are one of them.
Information and Photos

Jumbo 747 Hostel - World's first hostel located in a jumbo jet - Sweden

Jumbo Stay offers 29 comfortable rooms with single, two and three bed private rooms or two and four bed dormitories. All together, the hostel offers 61 beds; the most luxurious is to be found on the planes upper deck which boasts an exclusive Cockpit suite with private shower and toilet. The rooms are approximately six square meters in size and measure nearly four meters from floor to ceiling.
Information and Photos
The Hostel in the Forest in Brunswick, Georgia
The Hostel in the Forest has operated as an International Youth Hostel for 35 years. It is world renowned for our geodesic domes and 9 tree houses, which were built and have been sustained entirely by volunteers. Hundreds of loving hands have gone into making the Hostel what it is today, a fact that is evident as soon as one steps on the property. Information and Photos 
Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel
The rugged California coast is a dramatic and breathtaking setting, and the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel offers a relaxing retreat for travelers of any age. Enjoy a unique vacation experience at a spectacular lighthouse location, perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just 25 miles south of San Francisco. Originally established in 1875 as a fog signal station after several ships ran ashore in the late 1860s, this historic lighthouse is still an operating aid-to-navigation maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. The hostel has been in operation since 1980 through a partnership with California State Parks.  Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel. Information and Photos

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