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Uncommon Journey’s Wilderness Yurt Camp - Yukon

Time and time again our guests at Uncommon Journeys have told us that while they want to experience the remoteness of the Yukon’s wilderness, they also want to remain warm and comfortable on their Yukon adventure. In response, we have custom designed the Uncommon Journey’s Wilderness Yurt Camp to the highest standard of “deluxe” wilderness camping.

At our Wilderness Yurt Camp, we live in structures made by the famous Pacific Yurt Company in Cottage Grove, Oregon. These yurts are remarkable structures with Douglas fir lattice work, pine floors, circular skylights and large windows that may be covered at night for warmth and privacy.

The large main yurt has a full kitchen and a wood burning cookstove, and a dining area where we all gather for family style meals. There is a living room in which to socialize and relax around the blazing wood stove. (The seating around the stove is so comfortable that we often have to wake our guests for dinner!) Guests sleep in their own private yurts. These smaller yurts are equipped with cast iron stoves and twin beds that may be joined together at our guests' request. Regardless of the wintry weather outside, we are always guaranteed a goodnight's sleep in the Uncommon Journey’s Yurt Camp!

There is also a sauna and a shower house at our Yurt Camp which can accommodate four guests and our famous "dutch door outhouse" with an insulated seat and great view of the Northern lights! All of our sled dogs have their own houses here as well, filled with straw to keep them warm during the winter months. Although our Uncommon Journey’s Yurt Camp is definitely wilderness camping, we think that you will agree that after a long day of dogsledding it could not be much more inviting!

Our Wilderness Yurt Camp is located in an amazing wildlife oasis where we are the only human inhabitants. We have built solar powered electric fences to keep the yurts from being ‘visited’ by these magnificent animals when we are in camp. A wolf pack lives up river of our camp and on crisp evenings several wolves will come down the river to howl back and forth to our dog teams! There are grizzly bears in the warmer months, though they only come around when we are not in camp. Wolverines sometimes visit in the winter. One enterprising fellow ate through the two inch wall of the meat cache and helped himself to over 100 pounds of meat (the dogs were not impressed!). River otters play in the Ibex River and in the winter, you can easily see where the ‘slides’ deposit them belly-first into the freezing water. ‘Home Pool’ is located right behind the main yurt and many an arctic grayling has been taken on a dry fly and ended up in a skillet on the wood cookstove as the evening’s appetizer!

We have a campfire area right next to the main yurt The grill lets us also enjoy spruce grilled steaks and the surrounding benches are a perfect place to enjoy a hot chocolate while admiring the aurora borealis dancing overhead.

Very few people ever make it to this magnificent place in Canada’s Yukon Territory and those who do, and who get to stay in the Uncommon Journey’s Wilderness Yurt Camp, leave with memories of a unique wilderness setting that can only be found in Canada’s Yukon.

Uncommon Journeys
PO Box 20621
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, Y1A 7A2
Phone: (867) 668-2255

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