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The Haunted Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota

The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota

When you stay at The Palmer House, choose from a room tucked away in the recesses of the hotel or a room directly above Original Main Street where you can look down from your vantage point and observe the hustle and bustle of small town life.

The Palmer House has a spacious lobby which is perfect for whiling away the hours reading and visitng. The black and white distinct photography scattered throughout the hotel, restaraunt and lobby are enough to intrigue you about Sinclair Lewis and his night clerk duties, Sinclair Lewis Boyhood Home and the Original Mainstreet of Sauk Centre.

Come to The Palmer House for business or pleasure. The friendly staff will be waiting to extend a warm greeting upon your arrival and cater to your every need throughout your stay. Whether it be a special event, an intimate evening for two, or staying in spiritual rooms #11 and #17.



Palmer's Resident Ghosts
The Palmer House Hotel is one of Minnesota's finest ghost experiences. Guests of the hotel report many strange occurrences such as a young boy bouncing a ball down a hallway, eerie feelings in the basement area, disembodied voices, and one entity throws glasses around the bar area.

The hotel even claims residence to a celebrity ghost! The spirit of Lewis Sinclair, a famous local author for which the town takes pride in, is said to haunt the very hotel that he was employed as a bell boy at. Sauk Centre, Minnesota is also the childhood home of Sinclair.

Rooms 11 and 17

If you plan on staying at the beautiful Palmer House Hotel and want to have a ghostly experience, it is recommended that you stay in room 17 or room 11.

A newlywed couple were staying in room 17 and the wife awoke to a tall slender man standing by the foot of the bed. The man appeared to be from the 1920's or 1930's. The couple also reported upon exiting the hotel that their room was too hot and it was as if someone had turned up the heat on them. Kelley mentions that room 17 was also the same room that a man had reported being too cold as if the air conditioner was on all night.

The Palmer House Hotel in 1901Ghost Hunters at the The Palmer House Hotel
Room 11 is the site of many experiences by guests. One guest staying at the hotel in room 11 had his legs outside of the blanket and felt the sensation as if someone were stroking his legs all through out the night. When he got up to look at what was causing this, he didn't see anyone even though the phenomena continued.

Many guests that stay in room 11 report it being too cold and hotel staff keep the room heated even when other rooms require the air conditioner to be used. Guests who have stayed in room 11 also report a heavy feeling while being in the room and say that the origin of this energy is the sink. 

Palmer House Hotel & Restaurant
500 Sinclair Lewis Avenue
Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Phone:(866) 834-9100



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