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The Ghosts of the Moon River Brewing - Savannah, GA

Moon River Brewing Company - Brewpub           

The Moon River Brewing Company was founded on our obsession with creating the ideal restaurant and brewery experience.

Striving for this ideal, we are committed to providing three basic services. We are dedicated, first and foremost, to providing you with a comfortable and relaxing environment with prompt and cheerful service. Secondly, we are committed to serving you a delicious variety of freshly prepared foods. Our kitchen is a melting pot of diversity, offering a range of dishes from simple comfort food to eclectic gourmet cuisine. Finally, we are undeniably passionate about serving great beer.

Whether you are new to Savannah or just passing through, you'll find a warm atmosphere and a great selection of food and spirits. We can accommodate groups or a table for two. Either way, Moon River Brewing Company is a great start to a great time.

                Ghost Adventures - Moon River Brewing Company

Moon River's Ghost - Toby and the lady in white
There's a ghost named Toby who appears as a shadow in the billiard room, at the rear of the banquet cellar. "Toby is known to breeze past you or even push you out of the way," Lewis said. "We don't know why he's here, but he likes to play tricks on people."

On the third floor, a lady in white has been seen by several people, Lewis said. She was even caught on video when the SciFi Channel ghost hunters were there to track paranormal activities.  "At night this is a pretty creepy place. I don't like being here alone," he said, adding that most sighting occur after sundown.

MoonRiverBar.jpg (350◊250)


History of the Moon River Brewing Building
Moon River Brewing Company is located in the former City Hotel. Elazer Early, a native of Charleston, S.C, built the City Hotel in 1821. Not only was it the first hotel in Savannah, but it was also home to the first branch of the United States Post Office in Savannah, as well as a branch of the Bank of the United States. It must have been convenient having a hotel, post office, bank and bar all under one roof!
Many notable people stayed at the City Hotel, including War of 1812 hero Winfield Scott, the Marquis de Lafayette, the first three commodores of the U.S. Navy and naturalist James Audubon. Audubon stayed six months while attempting to sell books full of his wildlife sketches.
In 1851 Peter Wiltberger bought the City Hotel. He renovated it and put a live lion and lioness on display to draw attention to his business. City Hotelís final guest checked out in 1864, just before the arrival of General Tecumseh Sherman during the war of Northern Aggression and the subsequent closing of the City Hotel.
At the turn of the century, the building was used as a lumber and coal warehouse. As the use of coal slowly died off, the building was used for general storage. In the 1960s the space was renovated as an office supply store, complete with a large printing press. Hurricane David forced this business to close in 1979 when it blew the roof off the structure.
The building sat empty until 1995 when it was renovated into its current configuration as a brew pub. The Moon River Brewing Company debuted in this space on April 10, 1999.

Moon River Brewing Company
21 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone:(912) 447-0943


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