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The Inn at Merridun and Its Friendly Ghost in Union, South Carolina

The Inn at Merridun in Union, South Carolina        

The innkeepers of the Inn at Merridun invite you to make Merridun your home away from home. Join them in a small Southern college town where you are offered the opportunity to savor life at a more leisurely pace. Look at the beautiful colannaded homes General Sherman missed. See the South in its colorful splendor--blooming azaleas, magnolias and wisteria. Listen and you can hear the birds and squirrels, the train in the distance or the soft strains of Mozart and Beethoven? Smell the clean air, the warm chocolate of freshly baked cookies, country suppers in the oven, the fragrance of freshly cut blossoms. The Merridun beckons you to sit on her marble verandas, sip an iced drink and relive memories of a bygone era. Partake of Merridun's charm and hospitality just once and you'll want to return!

InnMerridun.jpg (350×250)

The Ghost Stories from The Inn at Merridun
Innkeeper Peggy Waller assures us that all of Merridun’s ghosts are gentle spirits, not scary at all. But that doesn't keep them from acting up now and then. The ghost my daughter and I shared a room with wasn’t at all shy about expressing an opinion about my daughter’s taste in music. The experience was a little spooky, but not really scary. The portable CD player Lauren had been listening to on the drive from our home in Birmingham worked fine in the car, and it worked when she played it on Merridun’s marble-floored porch. But when she turned it on in the bedroom, it kept playing a phrase from one of the songs on the CD over and over, like a stuck record. We took it back outside, and sure enough, it worked perfectly. The ghost probably just didn’t like country music.

   InnMerriduncat.jpg (350×250)InnMerridunDen.JPG (350×250)

Then there was the “white dog ghost” episode. The inn has five bedrooms available for guests, one downstairs and four upstairs. On a tour to see the upstairs rooms, I was standing beside another guest who suddenly turned, looked down, and said, “Where’s the cat? It just rubbed up against my leg.” The inn cat had been downstairs earlier, soaking up attention from the guests. “Oh, the cat never comes upstairs,” the gentleman was told. “That must have been the little white dog.” The dog supposedly belongs to a red-haired lady ghost who inhabits the inn. For more ghost stories about the Inn click here for Meet the Ghosts at Merridun by Karen Lingo
The Inn at Merridun
100 Merridun Place
Union, South Carolina 29379
Phone: (864) 427-7052 

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