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Idaho Hotel in Ghost Town of Silver City, Idaho

Idaho Hotel in the Ghost Town of Silver City, Idaho              

After rich gold and silver deposits were discovered in the Owyhee Mountains of southwestern Idaho, dozens of mining camps sprang into existence; one being Ruby City, where the Idaho Hotel was originally established in 1863. In July of 1866 a large three-story wing was added. However, that same year Ruby City lost the county seat to its two-year-old rival, Silver City, a mile up Jordan Creek. Soon, many homes and store buildings were moved from Ruby City to Silver City in order to capitalize on the business generated in the new county seat. Later that year, the hotel's new wing was dismantled, loaded piece-by-piece onto sleds and skids, and pulled up the snow and ice covered road by oxen to its new site in Silver City. It was reassembled, and a three-story addition was built, the frozen-fingered carpenters finishing in time for the owners to host a 'first-class' Christmas Eve Ball. Spring water was piped to the hotel by 1868.


A bar room and 'piazza' were added in 1871. A commodious new kitchen was built in the basement 'containing all the modern improvements and conveniences', and a 'new set of bathrooms were built so that hot or cold baths could be had at all hours everyday. The bar room was 'ornamented with the costliest and handsomest mirror ever brought to Silver City' in 1874, all of the interior woodwork was hand-grained in 1882, and a billiards parlor-gambling room was added in 1889. In front of the icehouse, 'A fine stone cellar' for storage of food and drink was completed in 1890. A five-story addition containing a new dining room with two stories of bedrooms above was finished in 1898, and a storage tunnel connecting the cellar with a mine tunnel beneath the street in front of the hotel was excavated in 1901. Numerous businesses had offices in the hotel through the years: stagecoach lines, telegraph and telephone companies, doctors, dentists, lawyers and a jeweler.A 'sample room' provided display space for the wares of visiting salesmen called 'drummers'. A great many functions were held in the hotel, including balls, weddings, funerals, musicals, literary club meetings, socials and banquets.


The hotel was closed around 1942, then fell into disrepair. In the spring of 1972, Edward Jagels purchased the building and the creaking old front doors once more swung open for business. The Idaho Hotel became Ed's personal crusade and he dedicated the rest of his life, nearly 30 years, to restoring this grand hotel and preserving it's place in history. The hotel was sold again to its current owners in 2001. Their dream is to continue Ed's legacy and preserve the old hotel as he had intended for future generations to enjoy. Many sections are still closed to the public though, as they have yet to be restored.
 Ghost Town of Silver City, Idaho  Silver City, Idaho

History of Silver City, Idaho
Silver City, Idaho is one of the few old mining towns that did not burn down or become commercialized into a modern city. Visiting Silver City is like going back into history. The Idaho Hotel is as it was 100 years ago with a few modern amenities. Sinker Creek Outfitters will provide you with a historic ride back into history on horse back exploring the Owyhee Mountains, Silver City, Empire City, Ruby City and more. At Pat's What Not Shop, books, souvenirs, local mineral samples are available. Silver City Fire and Rescue Store provides Art, Antiques,Gifts & Backroom Bargains. Rugged and picturesque, the 8,000 feet-high Owyhee Mountains surround Silver City, elevation 6,200'. The history-filled town contains about seventy-five structures that date from the 1860's to the early 1900's. During its "heydays", Silver City had about a dozen streets, seventy-five businesses, three hundred homes, a population of around 2,500, twelve ore-processing mills, and was the Owyhee County seat from 1866 to 1934. Some of the largest stage lines in the West operated in the area, and Silver City had the first telegraph and the first daily newspaper in the territory in 1874. Telephones were in use here at least by 1880, and the town was "electrified" in the 1890's. There were four separate burial areas nearby, with a few very interesting stones remaining; some quite large and elaborately carved. All are well worth the hike to see and photograph. More that two dozen camps provided shelter, supplies and amusement for the thousands of people who came to the mountains seeking their fortunes in one way or another. The ruins of some of these can still be found though nature is reclaiming most of them at an accelerated rate. Almost a dozen cemeteries and many more remote burial sites attest to the hard and sometimes dangerous and violent lives led by many. Hundreds of mines pock-mark and honeycomb the mountains; one had upwards of seventy miles of tunnels laboriously hand-dug through it. Between 1863 and 1865, more than two hundred and fifty mines were in operation and hundreds more were developed thereafter. Through the seventy-odd years of mining, more than twelve ore-processing mills gleaned rich rewards in tons of gold and silver. Large stacks of gold and silver ingots were photographed for posterity. At the very least, sixty million dollars worth of precious metals were taken from the area. At today's prices, that amount would be even more impressive. At the present time, there are no major mines operating in the area. The De Lamar Silver Mine began operation in 1977, shut down in 2000, and is one of the largest open pit gold and silver mines in the U.S. Today 4 businesses are open in Silver City. The historic Idaho Hotel, Sinker Creek Outfitter's, Pat's What Not Shop and Silver City Fire & Rescue Store.

Idaho Hotel
Ghost Town of Silver City, Idaho
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