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Hippo Point Dodo's Tower on the shores of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha

Hippo Point Dodo's Tower on the shores of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha

Consistently rated as one of the top wildlife retreats in the world, the eight-story Tower is one of the most luxurious and private Kenyan homes frequented by people in search of the unusual wishing to contribute to conservation. Custom-built by Dodo Cunningham-Reid and still used as the family’s second home today – the Tower is open to a limited number of guests during the year.


Hippo Point Dodo's Tower on the shores of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha


From here you can enjoy breathtaking views over Oloidien Bay and follow at eagle-eye the movements of the hippos, giraffe and zebra grazing at the foot of the Tower. The rustling of the lake and the sounds of the bush create at all hours a magical symphony of peace and tranquility, broken only by the splashing of water as the hippos venture out into the bush under the cover of darkness.

A healthy romantic morning breakfast is served outside under the towering yellow fever acacias while in the evening intimate candlelit dinners bring the guests back to bygone days of wild simplicity and unspoiled elegance. There are 4 Double rooms, 1 single ground floor room – a dining room, kitchen, spacious living room with incredible balcony, writing room, meditation room and a small top view room. Ideal for a family looking for a unique luxury experience in Africa. Sleeps 9.


Hippo Point Philosophy
Hippo Point is a not for profit private wildlife sanctuary dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat in this unique internationally recognized wetland – where birds, animals and nature have existed in abundance for millions of years. Our family and staff are dedicated to protecting this fragile ecosystem through careful planning and sustainable initiatives in the face of rapid development in Kenya.

Here you can enjoy communing with nature in comfort so that you, your family and friends can reconnect with yourselves, each other and the extraordinary beauty, peace and serenity found in this special corner of Kenya.

We deeply care about Hippo Point and wholeheartedly embrace a philosophy dedicated to serving those who wish to experience it with us for the greater good of the continued preservation of its beauty, animals and environment. By visiting us you will have a meaningful impact on its sustainability in an increasingly crowded world that threatens nature itself and be reminded of the importance of preserving places like this for generations to come – and to leave your mark we would love you to plant a tree while you are here.

Hippo Point
Lake Naivasha, Kenya

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