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The Ghosts of New Orleans Most Haunted Hotels

The Ghost and Hauntings of New Orleans. One of the most haunted cities in the USA

Ghosts and Hauntings of the Hotel Monteleone

Hauntings of the Hotel Monteleone
Many people who come to Hotel Monteleone don’t want to leave. Some never do. Hotel Monteleone is known for being a haunted New Orleans hotel, and is one of the premier haunted hotels in North America. Generations of hotel guests and staff have regularly experienced haunted events that would cause even the staunchest skeptic to take pause. This haunted New Orleans hotel has an elevator that stops on the wrong floor, leading a curious couple down a hallway that grows chilly and reveals the ghostly images of children playing. The International Society of Paranormal Research spent several days at the Hotel Monteleone. While at the hotel, the team made contact with more than a dozen earthbound entities including several former employees, a man named William Wildemere who died inside the hotel of natural causes, and a boy who was much older when he died but enjoys returning. Complete Story and Photos


Bourbon Orleans Hotel and Her Ghosts

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel
The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is located behind St. Louis Cathedral in the heart of New Orleans' historic French Quarter. The Orleans Ballroom, one of New Orleans' oldest and grandest ballrooms has seen countless carnival balls and social events dating back to the 19th century. The famous Orleans Ballroom, home to the grandest social events of the nineteenth century, is also home of a lonely ghost dancer, seen dancing underneath the ballroom's crystal chandelier. Several reports have been made of the rustling and a person hiding behind the draperies in the ballroom, without a window open or person actually there.
 Complete Story and Photos


MaisonFront.jpg (350×250)

Ghosts of the Hotel Maison de Ville in New Orleans
The Maison de Ville is a three-story structure rebuilt by Jean Baptiste Lilie Sarpy in 1783, in what was at the time the center of the city. Among the early residents of the home was the apothecary Antoine Amede Peychaud, who was to play a prominent role in New Orleans’ cultural history. Long before today’s Hand Grenade or the last generation’s Hurricane, there was New Orleans’ first signature cocktail … the Sazerac. Peychaud developed this libation with a concoction of bitters and brands, measured in a “coquetier,” or eggcup. The beverage has become legendary, and to this day is still made with Peychaud’s Bitters. His ghost continues to make drinks for guests. Another ghost is a country music-loving soldier ghost. Dressed in military uniform, the man first appeared to a hotel employee twenty years ago. Reportedly, he changes the radio station to a country music channel and turns up the volume. 
Complete Story and Photos


PorviancialNewOrleans.jpg (350×236)

Hauntings of the Hotel Provincial
The Hotel Provincial sits on land that was a grant from King Louis XV. In 1718, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville claimed the area as the original "La Nouvelle-Orléans.” After passing through different hands, a military hospital was constructed in 1722. It’s said the ghosts of soldiers still haunt the buildings. Guests have reported seeing wounded soldiers crying out in pain only to disappear when they turn on the lights or bloodstains that mysteriously appear on the bed covers only to be gone when one looks again. Guests also report sightings of a young female ghost seen in the Hotel Provincial thought to be someone who cared for the ill in the hospital.  Complete Story



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