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The Historic, Haunted and Pet Friendly Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker, OR

The Geiser Grand Hotel is a historic hotel in Baker City, Oregon

The warm and inviting Geiser Grand Hotel is your perfect getaway! This charming historic landmark features ornate mahogany, crystal chandeliers in every room, beautiful stained glass ceiling, and Northwest food at its best. Special events sparkle here. Sunset Magazine says the Geiser Grand is "the finest hotel between Salt Lake and Seattle." Enjoy endless recreation and sightseeing in the magnificent Eastern Oregon wilderness. For those who appreciate historic preservation and timeless luxury, nothing compares to the award winning Geiser Grand. Come explore this architectural jewel, and find out why the Geiser's spectacular restoration received The National Trust for Historic Preservation's coveted Honor Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.


The Geiser Grand Hotel is a historic hotel in Baker City, Oregon, that opened in 1889. It received a restoration and reopened in 1993 after closing in 1968. Decorations include mahogany columns up to a high ceiling, Victorian-style chandeliers, and a stained glass ceiling. It was known as "the Queen of the Mines" during Gold Rush times and described as being the finest hotel between Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City with the third elevator built west of the Mississippi River.

The hotel was built in an Italianate Victorian architecture style designed by architect John Bennes, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing property within the Baker Historic District.  Originally named Hotel Warshauer for hotel proprietor Louis F Cook. the hotel opened in November 1889. According to Oregon Encyclopedia, Bennes made "modifications" to the hotel and didn't arrive in Baker until 1900. An original postcard of the hotel states that the hotel was built and owned by the Baker Brothers. According to the Oregonian newspaper, Mr. Geiser bought the hotel in 1900 and in 1901 planned "another story", a reconstructed interior, and the installation of all the latest conveniences and appliances. The hotel was renamed and reopened on January 1, 1902 with the name Geiser Grand Hotel.

   Geiser Grand Hotel Pet FriendlyGeiser Grand Hotel Bed Room
Geiser Grand Hotel Ghost
Most of the ghostly activity is on the hotelís top floor. Staff and guests have reported hearing the sounds of a loud crowd laughing, drinking, and having a good time on the third floor. The sightings come mostly from guests on the second and third floor who call down to the desk in the middle of the night to complain of obnoxious guests. When someone is sent to investigate the party breaks up and there are no more calls of noise. Other times guest dining in the Geiser Grill will report seeing people dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing looking over the balcony. The guests usually say the gawkers were wearing flapper-style dresses but their legs were missing.

The most famous ghost in the hotel is the Lady in Blue. She walks up and down the grand staircase in a long, lavender dress looking like a Gibson Girl of the 1900s. Many have watched her climb the staircase only to disappear into a wall. Her identity is unknown. Some say she was a former owner of the hotel and others say she is a woman who hung herself after her cowboy boyfriend was shot.
From Hauntings at Geiser Grand Hotel by Paty Jager
Pet Friendly - Review from TripAdvisor
My husband and I stayed 4 days with our 2 Scotties and have never experienced such gracious hospitality in a pet-friendly hotel. The owner's mother actually came back in the evening with home-baked dog treats for our girls! We had an absolutely wonderful time and will stay there again.
Geiser Grand Hotel
1996 Main St
Baker City, Oregon
Phone:(541) 523-1889



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