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Cordova Rose Lodge, Barge, and Lighthouse - Alaska

Cordova Rose Lodge
The Cordova Rose Lodge is located on the shore of Orca Inlet. This lodge is the most unique bed and breakfast in Cordova, Alaska. It is a barge with its very own lighthouse. It sits on the breakwater surrounded by inlet waters. The lighthouse is a navigation aid for marine vessels using the channel.

The lighthouse is named "Odiak Pharos" which means light. It is registered with the Coast Guard, listed in the Coast Guard book of lights and is on NOAA chart # 16710 re: Orca Inlet.

CordovaRoseLodgeOceanView.jpg (420◊250)

Cordova, Alaska Adventures
If you have ever dreamed of seeing Alaska, summertime is the time and Cordova is the place! Prince William Sound: where sea otters play seals and sea lions fish and Orca whales are sighted. In the clear blue-green waters King, Sockeye, Coho salmon, and Halibut challenge commercial and sport fisherman.

Kayaks and charter boats explore the shoreline (the Copper River Delta); 700,000 acres of wet lands, home to black bear, brown bear, moose and beaver. Here the largest shorebird and nesting waterfowl migration in the northern continent takes place every spring. Countless lakes and streams flow into the delta providing easy access to some of the best stream and river fishing in Alaska.

The beautiful Chugach Mountains and many interesting trails waiting for the hikers surround Cordova. Apartment size chunks of ice calving from Childs Glacier, one of the most spectacular and breathtaking glaciers, can be seen plunging into the Copper River below.

Cordova is a place where you forget your problems and enjoy getting up in the morning, being who you are, where you are one more day. No words or pictures will prepare you for the beauty of Cordova, Alaska; you must experience it!

Most of you will come by air to Cordova. A Cordova Rose Lodge staff member will meet you at the Airport. The only other way into Cordova is by the Alaska Marine Highway System, since Cordova is not connected by the state highway system.

CordovaRoseLodgeLightHouse.jpg (360◊250)CordovaRoseLodgeObservatonRoom.jpg (360◊250)

History of the Barge
Built in 1924 in Kodiak, Alaska it was named Berry #1. It worked the Gulf of Alaska as a pile driver and fish trap setter until it was towed to the current site just after the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. The site was once the location of a floating fish cannery.

Previously used as a machine shop, a home for a recluse and a houseboat for 12 years by the previous owners, Bob and Rose Arvidson, it now works as a bed and breakfast lodge.

The exterior landscape consists of a breakwater with a lighthouse, several bridges, a ship's mast, a greenhouse with a garden and a statue of the Greek myth character, Sisyphus and his dog, Spot.

Sisyphus is a Greek myth character punished by Zeus. Zeus told Sisyphus he had to push a boulder up a hill forever. Of course, every time Sisyphus got the rock to the top of the hill it would roll down the other side and he would have to start over. As builder of the statue, Arvidson's philosophy was that everyone has their own rock to push.

Eldon and Jan Glein purchased the property in 1992. They renovated the barge and remodeled a building next to it called the Gear Shed. Thus continues the history of the barge, Berry No. 1, working on Odiak Slough in Orca Inlet.

Current owners, Gaye and Gary McDowell took over the lodge in 1998 and have been renovating some of the guest rooms and giving the outside a great new look while keeping the nautical look in each change. Also introducing, complete adventure trips and excursions, with added sea food and home cooked evening meals.

Cordova Rose Lodge
1315 Whitshed Rd
Cordova, AK 99574
Phone: (907) 424-7673


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