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The Haunted Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine

Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine    

Built in 1813, on land given to James Fairfield and his bride Lois Walker as a wedding present, the Captain Fairfield Inn stands as a classic example of early Federal period architecture. When Captain Fairfield first built the house, he invited his brother-in-law, Joseph Lord (a sea captain as well) and his sister Polly Lord to share the home with them. Both men were at sea for long periods of time and their wives found comfort in each otherís company.

In its current incarnation as a lodging house, many original details, from the wide plank pine floors to the interesting finish molding in the living room and library, can still be appreciated today. For nearly 30 years, the Captain Fairfield Inn has been operating as a well-regarded Bed and Breakfast Inn. Today we are pleased to offer the luxuries that seasoned travelers now expect, while maintaining a reverence for the history of the home.


The Ghost of Captain James Fairfield and his portrait
The Captain Fairfield Inn is haunted by the ghost of Captain James Fairfield who died in 1820 at the age of 38. A self-assured and good looking man, he was the son of a sailing master. He went to Kennebunk to become a sailing master much like his father. Like his father he said a ship for Tobias Lord and was put in command of his own ship in 1806.

Soon afterwards, Fairfield married Lois Walker. Fairfield and his brother-in-law purchased 6 acres and a home together so that their wives would not be lonely while they were gone to sea.

In 1808 Fairfield commissioned a portrait of himself. Once it was done, he sent it via ship to his wife. However the ship sank off the coast and she never received the portrait.

   CaptianFairfieldInn.jpg (350◊250)CaptFairfieldShip.jpg (350◊250)
During the war of 1812, Fairfield and his brother-in-law decided they should become privateers and were captured by the British Navy. After the war, Fairfield and his brother-in-law were released from prison and returned home. Neither of men was destined to live in their home long. They both died with in a short period of time. Fairfield died of pneumonia. Lois remained at the family home with her sister-in-law until her death years later.

Several years later a Swedish ship rescued a buoyant tube in the ocean. Shockingly it was the portrait of Fairfield and it was delivered to his sister in fairly good shape. Some creasing and salt damage but overall it was still in excellent shape (it can be viewed at the Brick Store Museum at 117 Main Street in Kennebunk, Maine).

In the early 80's while making renovations to transform the home into an inn, the ghost of Fairfield was seen hovering in a dark corner of the basement. Guests have reported a presence in their rooms that they feel is none other than Captain Fairfield.
   CaptainFairfieldRoom2.jpg (350◊250)CaptainFairfieldRoom.jpg (350◊250)

Captain Fairfield Inn
8 Pleasant Street
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Phone: 800-322-1928


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